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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 14, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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adviser out. the president's top national security aide steps down. prison standoff aftermath. this morning the investigation is about to take a step forward. sticking together. a young teen in new jersey makes a big decision when they're told they have to play with girls are not at all. a little more than three weeks into the trump administration, there's been a white house shakeup. what actions led one of the president's top aides to step down and who will take his spot. good morning. >> president trump's national security adviser is out after less than a month on the job. michael flynn was the focus of growing concerns about his
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contacts with russia. he admitted to talking to the russian ambassador about relaxes sanctions before donald trump was president. >> he may have been making that call on behalf of the administration or the incoming administration. would that be accurate? >> no. it would be a mistake to conclude that. remember in the end it was misleading the vice president that made the situation unsustainable. >> now flynn released a statement saying, quote, i inadvertently briefed the vice president and others with incomplete information. retired army general keith kellogg has replaced flynn for the time being. also on the short list is david petraeus and robert harward. russia is reacting meantime to the resignation. the kremlin says this is an internal matter for the u.s. and none of its business. in the past russian officials
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denied any discussions about lifting sanctions prior to the president's inauguration. we have sky force 10 over an accident on i-95. this is a live picture on the northbound lanes in hope well township mercy county. this involves two cars and a tractor-trailer. just the shoulder is getting by in the northbound lanes. we're unsure of any injuries right now, but this is not a fatal accident. nonetheless, you see the traffic backed up there. for more on this, let's check in with jessica boyington. >> as you can see, really big delays. this is in hope well headship and headed on 95 northbound. it is just around exit 4. we're having problem from the video feed of sky force 10. allowing about one car at a time to trickle by, so this is not much better than actually being closed within the hour, which it has been since around the 10:00
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mark. here's another view, maybe a view that won't be blinking in and out here. it's around route 31 and that's around exit 4. some of the cars are able to get out to the front and exit right after the exit ramp right here. the rest are trickling by one at a time. this is going to be there for a little bit. once this is clear, there's going to be massive delays behind it anyway. just up in this general area you can see some of those delays. that's where we're seeing that 95 northbound closure right there where the cars are just moving by so slowly. you have to get up to this northbound area. if you're coming from the pa side, you can take route 1. that's an option. 2951 still open over in new jersey. just remember we're also dealing with that bridge closure for the delaware river bridge. that might be a hard thing getting from pa to new jersey right now. sky force 10 over a house fire in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood.
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you can see firefighters on the roof there working to get to the flames. this is on east cornwall street. this happened just before 9:00 this morning. the fire is out now and no one was hurt. new details about a deadly fire in the frankford neighborhood. a heater is being blamed for the fire that killed an elderly woman. it started on akron street. marisol cruz was bedridden and was not able to make it out safely. less windy for now. here's a live look at center city where things are much calmer than they were yesterday. >> krystal cline is here now with the most accurate forecast in town. krystal? >> things are looking a lot better than yesterday. don't have to break out the gust map. winds only around 5 to 10 miles per hour. if you remember yesterday, we had gusts in the 40 to 50 mile
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per hour range. not the case today. still looks chilly though. right now we're seeing 31 degrees in pottstown. 36 atlantic city to millville. dover at 37 degrees. temperatures in the afternoon should make their way to about the low mid 40s for highs across the board, and that's going to shape up to be a pretty nice valentine's day for this point in the year. radar and satellite, clouds right across our region. there's some showers trying to develop down south near washington, d.c. as we pull this out, we're actually going to be staying dry you can see through the next several hours. we go through a mix of clouds and sun into your afternoon. temperatures start to climb. we're at 40 at 1:00 and 44 by afternoon. if you have dinner plans for valentine's day, we'll take a closer look and we'll also talk more about the winds increasing
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yet again on that extended forecast. happening today, we'll learn who will lead an independent review of that deadly prison standoff in smyrna. >> we're also learning about growing staffing problems for the prison since that standoff. tim furlong is live in wilmington where the governor is about to make an announcement. >> reporter: yeah, in about 40 minutes we're going to go upstairs to the governor's office. we're going to learn who is going to lead that independent investigation. take a look. 13 days ago, corrections officers and a counselor were overtaken in the c building at the james t. vaughn prison center. the governor wanted to know how this could happen, what led it to, and how this could be prevented again from happening in the future. questions about the relationships between inmates and officers and staffing issues. a number of officers have quit
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or filed for retirement. more than half of all corrections officers will quit within three years. at least they have historically. we have a lot of questions for the governor. hopefully we're going to get some answers. after that news conference, i have set up a immediameeting wi head of the correction officers' union. efforts are under way today to create an alert system for hit-and-run investigations. jay alerts would send out information about hit-and-run vehicle descriptions similar to what police do during amber alerts. it is named after jayana powell. she was struck and hit by a hit-and-run driver last year while walking home from school. an 18-year-old died last week after she was hit by a car while leaving the palmer park
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mall in the lehigh valley. police are still looking for the driver who hit her. in montgomery county, septa will increase its bus route by splitting it in two. riders will now have the choice of a red line or a blue line. two separate smaller routes will help get more riders where they're going faster. two women are in the hospital after being stabbed in a west philadelphia neighborhood. police were called to parkside avenue around 1:30 this morning. the women stabbed each other. both are expected to survive. the son of jerry sandusky is himself facing a sex abuse scandal. jeff sandusky was arrested and suspended from his job as a corrections officer. he asked for naked pictures from a 16-year-old girl. he also asked a 15-year-old girl
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to perform a sex act. he is the adopted son of jerry sandusky who is spending time in prison for sexually abusing young boys. we talked to a child psychologist about these latest allegations. >> sometimes there can be something called survivors guilt where maybe nothing particularly happened to that person, but it happened to the siblings. and that guilt can also impact how they lead their lives and that can make them also make some choices that aren't so healthy for them. >> sandusky's attorney declined to comment on the allegations. a man philadelphia police say grabbed and kissed a septa officer against her will is facing an assault charge. police arrested the man yesterday at the 69 street transportation center in upper darby. the officer was not hurt. three former fire officials
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will be spending their weekends in prison after a plea deal. the former president of the volunteer fire department along with her boyfriend and daughter pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. they were ordered to pay $35,000 in restitution. they'll spend 15 consecutive weekends at the county prison and then be on probation for three years. delaware county will be the end of the line for a new propane and national gas pipeline across pennsylvania. the pipeline will run more than 300 miles from washington county to the refinery in marcus hook. the company says it will provide four times the capacity of its existing pipeline. more than 100 people died in 2015 after taking fentanyl by taking the drug alone or mixing it with heroin or cocaine.
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play without the girls or forfeit the season. >> that's the decision a fifth grade basketball team in north jersey had to make. you're looking at the kids vote to forfeit. this catholic youth organization team near newark made their choice after the arch diseaoces enforced its rules that boys and girls can't play on the same teams. we want to hear what you think about the decision made by this team of fifth graders. how would you feel if one of your sons or daughters were faced with that choice. >> interesting reaction i got on my facebook page this morning when i posted this story for sure. the clock is ticking to avoid a disaster in california. >> officials are racing against the rain as a dam remains in danger of collapse. we'll have an update straight ahead. a different way to deal with snow. you'll never guess the secret ingredient.
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and you have plans this evening for valentine's day. we're going to go through your planner neighborhood by neighborhood to let you know how cool it gets by this evening and then we'll talk the winds in the days to come.
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we're just getting more information about that accident we showed you off the top of sky force 10 on 95. >> jessica, what's the latest? >> we're watching this in hope well township. this is 95 northbound where they have it shut down. they're just now allowing a car or so to trickle by on the northbound side.
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this is right near route 31, which is exit 4. a few cars involved and a tractor-trailer. some people taken to the hospital here as well. we have a lot of police activity on the scene, but the biggest problem is the northbound side where it's been shut down since 10:00. this isn't providing much relief for anybody moving through the area. they have taken out part of the center median there, part of the next shoulder over, two lanes, and then this lane is where we're starting to see some of that movement. now how to get around it, it's a little different, especially if you're headed up to that northern area. if you're coming from the pa side, you can take route 1. 295 is still open. the burlington bristol bridge is still open. now to europe where a freight train and a passenger train collided with deadly
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results. the crash happened in luxembourg. 2,000 residents are being ordered to stay away from their homes until the oroville dam is fixed. >> reporter: officials call this a race against time. crews working overtime, dropping bo boulders to fix the spillway, all to prevent a catastrophic failure of the nation's tallest dam. >> it can fail. when it is leveed, there are bridges. >> reporter: the threat of a breach so serious nearly 190,000 residented ord es ordered to ev. >> i had to pick up our kids. we have six kids.
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we left with nothing. >> reporter: others like bill morrison staying put. he knows if it fails, he'll be in the path of a torrential flood. >> if i see it break, adios. i'm out of here. >> reporter: in 2005, three environmental groups, including ron stork's, filed this motion with the federal government asking them to armor the emergency spillway with concrete, saying it didn't meet modern safety standards. officials rejected the request concluding it was safe and would, quote, perform as designed. >> this effects real people and real lives, and i think we should have spent the money. >> reporter: water officials say they're investigating the claims and the dam is structurally sound, but with more rain coming as early as tomorrow, swift water rescue teams are standing
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by. well, there's a sweet new way to clean up snow and ice. >> crews in rhode island say the concentrate ingredient is better than brine. guess what. it's molasses. road crews are spraying it onto the current supply of rock salt. it sticks better to the roadways making salt more effective, meaning you don't have to use quite as much. >> notice a difference. we're doing something different. it seems to be better. it's best for the storm water management. >> unlike the popular brine solution, molasses is tougher to wash off. >> that's crazy. >> molasses. >> we don't have to worry about snow anytime soon, which is pretty sweet, i think. >> let's check in with krystal klei. >> we're trying to get past the end of winter on a nice easy
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note because conditions are looking pretty dry. at least through the next ten days. we see we've got clouds outside, a little sun breaking through, but no rain and no snow falling out there. we don't have that in the forecast as we move forward either. temperatures would have close though if we had anything. 35 for chestnut hill. pretty chilly out there right now. society hill 35 and 34 at the airport. we're also 35 degrees in summerton. we're going to climb into the low 40s by this afternoon. in delaware currently marshallton, 36. lincoln, allendale, upper 30s. radar and satellite, we have got
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the clouds in our region. we've got some moisture, a little rain-snow mix, down to the south of us. we stay dry for our valentine's day and beyond just with some clouds. it's going to really just stay right to the south of us. and as the next system starts to develop, it too is going to stay to the south of us. we are just going to miss out as we go through the next few days. 8:00 p.m., we're at 40. by 10:00 p.m., we do slip into the 30s. it will be chilly, but a lot better than yesterday because the winds are not nearly as strong. only about 5 to 15 miles per hour. in the suburbs, 40 by 6:00. flirting with freezing in some spots. 34 officially in allentown. delaware, you'll be 38 degrees. upper 30s by around 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. you can expect that drop into
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the 30s. a little mix of clouds clearing. tomorrow that's when winds start to pick back up. we're looking around 10 to 20 mile per hour sustained winds but with gusts up to 25 and 30 miles per hour. it will be the pick up you notice in the wind speeds and they'll continue into your thursday. we go from 46 tuesday to 48 degrees tomorrow with those breezy to windy conditions. then thursday gusts up to around 30 to 40 miles an hour with a temperature of only 42. the system will stay to our south. we do see a big warmup in store for your weekend. saturday, 60. sunday, 63. we keep those upper 50s in the forecast even through monday. if you're a parent whose baby was small at birth, you'll want to hear this. >> some of the challenges
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low-birth weight babies may deal with later in life. a local law student is talking about the ordeal he went through to come to this country. we'll see how he's helping others follow in his footsteps.
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no deal. that's the word today from aetna and humana about their plan to merge. they called off the $34 billion merger after a federal judge shot down the plan over anti-trust concerns. this is the second time in two months that judges have rejected merger plans by major health insurers. tiny babies may face greater risk of mental health problems. >> babies who weigh less than three pounds at birth have a higher risk of adhd. as adults, they had higher levels of depression, anxiety,
11:26 am
and shyness. new jersey governor chris christie is headed to the white house. >> coming up, we'll tell you what the governor is saying about his lunch today with the president. and last chance for love. see why the iconic statute will be out of sight for a while and why today is a great day to visit. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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we have breaking news in this accident on i-95 we've been covering since we came on the air about a half hour ago. this is the northbound lanes in hope well township mercy county. sky force 10 was in the air. involving two cars and a tractor-trailer. a couple of lanes have now been trickling by. although it looks like for the moment it has stopped. we're unsure of any injuries right now, but we do know there was no fatalities.
11:30 am
let's check in with jessica boyington. >> right. we are watching this since about 10:00 this morning actually. right here is video from what we saw a little while ago when sky force 10 was over the top of the scene. a few vehicles involved. a tractor-trailer, two other vehicles. some of the cars looking pretty mangled there as well. on the northbound side in hope well township at exit 4 on route 31. now we're seeing things improve just a little bit. we're down to one lane pretty much getting by. before it was one car at a time over the shoulder. right now we're seeing at least one lane getting by. either way you're going to see some pretty big delays moving northbound there. if you're coming from the pennsylvania side, 95 not a good
11:31 am
idea. take route one. if you're over in new jersey, take 295. just remember the delaware river bridge is still closed for structural repairs. tracy, back to you. now checking out our nbc 10 headlines for today. fire damages a house in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. sky force 10 caught firefighters on the roof working to get to the flames on east cornwall street. nobody was hurt. any minute we'll know who will be put in charge of an independent review into the smyrna prison uprising. today officials confirm that since the incident a handful of officers had quit or retired. two women are expected to survive of police say they stabbed each other in a west philadelphia neighborhood. police were called to parkside avenue around 1:30 this morning. we don't yet know about charges.
11:32 am
it is a lovely valentine's day across our area. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway where yesterday's strong winds have died down, but changes are on the way. >> krystal klei is here with the most accurate forecast. >> changes are on the way, but if you have plans this evening for valentine's day, things are looking good. it's tomorrow we start to see those winds pick back up. kind of a gray shot. there is some sun sneaking out. the clouds are going tooli ling today. here are the current temperatures. allentown right at freezing. 35 in wilmington. dover, you're at 37. atlantic city at 36. if you go farther south in parts of delaware, in the 40s. we should make it to the low to mid 40s for higher temperatures.
11:33 am
elsewhere going to deal with the clouds for at least the first half of the afternoon. the rain that you see that's down to the southwest of us will not be making its way into our area. we stay dry today and the next several days. it's just about those temperatures. there's the climb i was talking about. we should make it into the mid 40s for parts of philadelphia. then overnight drop right back into those upper 30s, but this is not what i would call a cold forecast moving ahead. in fact, this coming weekend we have warmer than average temperatures coming up. president trump's national security adviser resigned overnight. >> in part of over conversations he had with the russian ambassador before the president took office. >> reporter: overnight, an abrupt and stunning resignation from michael flynn. the embattled trump adviser stepping down after days of damaging headlines about his
11:34 am
communications with the russian ambassador about sanctions and whether he misled the vice president and other top aides. flynn blamed the, quote, fast pace of events for inadvertently briefing the vice president and others. he added i have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president and they have accepted my apology. it comes just after three weeks on the job. just hours after a bombshell report in the washington post confirmed to nbc news that last month acting attorney general sally yates alerted the white house she believed flynn had misled senior administration officials and warned he was potentially vulnerable to russian blackmail. president trump fired gates last month after she wouldn't defend his executive order. on monday afternoon top aide kellyanne conway delivered this assurance. >> yes, general flynn does enjoy
11:35 am
the full confidence of the president. >> reporter: a short time later sean spicer pulled back, sayi i the president was, quote, evaluating the situation. general keith kellogg now acting national security adviser. >> good morning. mr. trump is en route. >> reporter: now the top democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff is wondering if the scandal reaches even higher, saying in a statement the trump administration has yet to be forthcoming about who was aware of flynn's conversations with the ambassador and whether he was acting on the instructions of the president. >> that was peter alexander reporting. new jersey chris christie has a lunch date with president trump at the white house. >> some are wondering if it could be more than that. the president is unhappy with members of his senior staff.
11:36 am
he has no idea what topics will be discussed at lunch today. >> it would not surprise me at all to spend an hour socializing. if he wants to talk about certain business, he's never been shy to ask. if he asks, i'll offer. >> he replaced christie with vice president mike pence. the ceos will be in washington in week to make their case against a controversial tax on imports. it includes the heads of target, bestbuy, and gap. they're expected to meet with house and senate leaders tomorrow to discuss the so-called border tax. princeton university, harvard, and yale are arguing against president trump's travel ban. they say the ban has serious and chilling implications, stranding
11:37 am
scholars who have traveled abroad. this comes as avil ville nova student is sharing his story about coming to america. >> reporter: a pair of worn out beat up shoes barely holding together. how can they be worth so much? >> thanks to those shoes i made it all the way to the united states. >> reporter: a priceless journey for luis. >> i was almost killed by gang members, and i had to come here because i knew this was a country of laws and a country where i could be safe. >> reporter: he crossed the border illegally in those shoes, but he was sent back. >> and within one week of getting back down there, the gangs were after me again. i told my parents i'm leaving here again. i don't want to die. i tried for a second time. >> reporter: and a third and
11:38 am
finally a fourth time. >> i knew if i went back i would be killed. >> reporter: he found family in scranton and stayed there while fighting in immigration court. his case lasted five and a half years. it was then he decided -- >> i want to become an immigration attorney. >> reporter: now a legal u.s. citizen, luis is a third-year law student at villanova. >> it is a struggle that people go through to get to the united states. >> reporter: becoming an inspiration for other law students and even his professors. >> to be turned around three times and still persevere and want to come here because he knew this is the only way he would survive, it's a story of strength. it's a story of courage. >> reporter: luis carries his story and his shoes close to the heart. in september -- >> we have to give them a voice. >> reporter: he was invited to speak at a united nations summit. >> as i say whenever i give a
11:39 am
speech, i've been in migrant's shoes. i know what it is like. i want them to be in my shoes now where i am a united states citizen. yesterday we learned that 16 string bands will participate in saturday's mummer's mardi gras parade. this is what it looked like last year at the mummers parade. this year the parade will start at 11:00 a.m. on saturday and the mummers will strut down main street. a permanent marker honors the legacy of an african-american woman who made a difference in wilmington. she was the first african-american women elected to wilmington's city council. her daughter says she hopes her
11:40 am
grandmother continues to inspire others. >> we hope this inspires other members of the city to reach for the goals and to strive for the things on this wall. >> she filled a midterm vacancy. she was later reelected for two more terms. this is your last chance to see the iconic love sculpture, at least for a little while. the center city landmark gets moved out of its temporary home tomorrow. it will be cleaned and repainted before it takes its place in the redesigned love park this spring. to mark valentine's day, people who visit can expect music and free roses. nice place to go on a date. a piece of lost history is now back in the hands of the rightf fuful owner. >> james thompson fought in
11:41 am
world war ii. he lost his dog tags. a treasure hunter found the tags with the metal detecter. then he tracked down the family in south carolina. >> fought in the battle of the bulge. >> it was like i dug a gold bar. i was so thrilled. >> thompson died in 2003, but the family says they are thrilled to have the dog tags back. this valentine's day we're going to introduce you to a couple who were sharing their art with audiences in philadelphia. it's a dance romance that comes alive on stage. coming up, see how ballet brought them together. and we're taking a live look outside ocean city, new jersey. you can see a bit of a gray day, but it is a dry one. we stay dry the next several days, but the winds, they pick back up.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. this accident on i-95 in the northbound lanes in hope well township. this is video earlier. this involved two cars, one of which you see here. also a tractor-trailer was involved. this happened on the northbound lanes. it is now reopen. we're not sure of any injuries, but we know for certain that there were no fatalities. for more on this, let's check in with jessica boyington. what can you tell us? >> what we're watching right
11:45 am
here is video from sky force 10 a little bit earlier. this crash occurred around the 10:00 mark or so. this out on 95 on the northbound side right around route 31, which is exit 4. we were seeing really massive delays there behind the scene earlier because there was only one side shoulder car at a time trickling through at a time. right now within the last couple of minutes -- i actually have never seen an accident scene with those massive delays behind it clear out so fast. now we're dealing with no problems on 95 northbound anymore. no alternates necessary either. tracy? >> thank you. on this valentine's day we're bringing you a story of true love on stage. two dancers in the pennsylvania ballet came from very different places, but they became a couple. they'll tell us more about their romance and how they'll be sharing the stage together. they've been cast as the leads in the upcoming performance of
11:46 am
"le corsaire" in march. how did you meet? >> well, we first met in 2009 at a school in the american ballet theater. we both moved there when we were 15. after going to a few different companies, we met back up and started dating three and a half years ago. >> we had a break of five years and then we got back together. >> you're in intensive rehearsals now. >> yeah. well, it works really well actually because we are not together all the time. we're not worried about each other because we know we're in the same place, so we have more space. so it works really well. >> what can you tell me about this production that's coming up
11:47 am
in march? >> the ballet "le corsaire" is opening up in march. it's a very exciting ballet. lots of athleticism. in my opinion, it would be a good ballet to see if you've never seen it before. it's about pirates and women and action and love. >> so it's valentine's day and you guys are in really intensive rehearsals. how are you going to spend time today? just a moment? >> maybe for dinner. but yeah, we're going back after this for rehearsals until 6:00. then go back tomorrow. we'll try to have some chocolate tonight or something. >> excellent, excellent. thank you for coming and telling your story. i want to tell our viewers you can catch them live on stage with the pennsylvania ballet's "le corsaire" march 9th through
11:48 am
the 19th. let's get back to a look at those temperatures outside. it is a cool one still. we're starting to move into the upper 30s in our new jersey neighborhoods. v voorhees at 37. we're also really right about the same. you see more 36 and 35s on the board pemberton through florence. princeton a little cooler at 33 degrees. our pennsylvania suburbs a little lower as well. near freezing at west bradford township. a lot of 35s on the board from exton to westchester up to 38. milford township at 31 degrees. so it's not the warmest of days. this is actually more average day for this time of year.
11:49 am
for valentine's day in the afternoon, we should make it to low 40s, but we'll see these clouds through the next several hours. starting to thin out in berks county. this is starting to drop off to the southeast. we're looking at later in the afternoon with a little more sunshine breaking through. as a result of that temperatures able to boost up a bit in the afternoon. 46 that's the temperature we're looking at in center city this afternoon. 45 for somerton. mid to low 40s for the suburbs. the lehigh valley areas in the lower 40s. new jersey, trenton, 44 for the forecast high today. ocean city up to 44 degrees. same for cape may. a little warmer in southern delawa delaware. already making it to the 40s there.
11:50 am
rehoboth beach starting to pick up. you're not going to notice those winds strengthening until you get into your wednesday. as we get into the afternoon, there you see around 25 to 30 mile per hour gusts. that's at 2:00 p.m. they'll continue into the evening as well. you'll notice at 8:00 still around 25 to 30 mile per hour gusts. those winds will continue to crank up into your thursday. here's your weekend high temperatures. saturday philadelphia 60 degrees. sunday up to 63. really nice weekend in form here. for the suburbs, we're in the mid to upper 50s. lower 50s for the lehigh valley. new jersey and the shore and delaware sneaking into the 60s on sunday. here's that extended ten-day. we're going to keep the warmth into this next workweek.
11:51 am
windy conditions wednesday. more gusty. then we stay dry as we finish up and go into your weekend with those 60s on the board. monday, 59 degrees for some who may have the long weekend ahead. then we drop back off. those upper 40s next tuesday into wednesday. that's finally when we see the next chance of rain as well. we'll be right back.
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well, you're probably wouldn't expect to get hit with a rate hike on your auto insurance if you were involved in a crash that wasn't your fault, but a consumer group says many drivers are seeing higher premiums after these no-fault crashes. annual premium hikes in some no-fault cases reaching as high as $400. the group found progressive aggressively uses a not-at-fault penalty surcharging drivers in eight of the ten cities. gei geico, farmers, and all state sometimes raise rates. we have a recall to tell you about. target stores are recalling some 1300 patio benches because the safety risk. the benches have a threshold
11:55 am
aluminum top with a steel base. they can collapse posing a falling hazard. consumers can return the benches to any target for a full refund. you have heard the expression it's hard enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. a police officer fried an egg on his car. the temperatures in the area were around 105 degrees for nearly three weeks. it's been viewed more than 3 million times in five days. >> it's summer down there. these three sky divers decided to take valentine's day to a new height. check this out. the dive happened over an island in croatia. what do you think of the shape of the island, trace? >> love it. ♪ love is in the air coming up this afternoon, ed sheeran performs his latest hit on "ellen" and explains why he threw away his cell phone. this afternoon show me the
11:56 am
money. a woman called nbc 10 responds when her money from a real estate seminar never came. how we were able to get her money when she says she was owed. to an update on our top story. donald trump is making his first comment about the resignation of his national security adviser. the president tweeted the real story is the illegal leaks coming out of washington. michael flynn resigned last night over conversations with a russian diplomat. this is a pretty good forecast for valentine's day. there's a look outside. the winds not nearly as strong as they were yesterday. kind of a light breeze we're dealing with. there are the temperatures we have on the board. we're at 36 in center city. upper 30s on the board further north. overall those temperatures are just going to climb into the low to mid 40s for highs today. it will get back into the 30s tonight. for those who have dinner plans
11:57 am
outside, you still need a jacket. >> look forward to it. thanks for watching it. >> for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. happy valentine's.
11:58 am
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>> deimos: all you have to do is present the offer. okay? just make it very clear that a ruling in our favor would be very much appreciated by myself and nicole. all right, get back to me as soon as you have an answer. thanks. >> jj: hey, deimos. don't mind us. make yourself at home. >> deimos: what the hell is going on here? ♪ [growling] >> gabi: you hear that? >> chad: what? >> gabi: it's my stomach growling. ugh. >> chad: yeah, that's my bad. guard wouldn't have taken our lunches if i wouldn't have attacked him. >> gab n


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